Global Money Transfer


Transform your business with our compliant, secure and scalable digital remittance platform.

Product Features for Clients

Mobile First Design

It assures that your services and products can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Live Currency Rates

Real-time currency feeds for the latest exchange rates.

Digital Onboarding for both Retail and Institutional Clients

We provide an end to end digital platform, in which you can onboard your client in four simple steps: signup, login, fill in the necessary details and upload your documents.

Accessible Account History and Balances

Give your customers complete control of their account, every foreign currency transaction, receipt and payment your customer makes is recorded in their history.

Configurable Beneficiary Management

Single interface to setup and manage sender and beneficiary accounts, initiates money transfer, track the transaction status and view historical transactions.

Personalized Alerts and

Built-in interface to view notifications such as account approval, successful transactions and for pending activities.

Product Features for Brokers

Streamlined Client Manager Operations

Deliver faster resolutions with contextual insights and make support delightful for agents, customers, and admins.

Trade Execution Automated

Process customer currency exchange transactions and currency limit orders. Receive a complete overview of customers requesting exchange rates either online.

Automate Pay-outs

API driven integrations with Banks and LPs, for a seamless digital experience. Enable live rates and automate payouts to your clients beneficiaries.

Commission Management

Brokers can specify commission value either in percentage or pips for different tiers. It can be mapped to appropriate segments to automate the commission fee settlement.

Configurable Campaign Management

It allows you to create email lists, run email marketing campaigns, and track email metrics within the platform.

24x7 Always-available
Digital Assistants

With always-on mobile interface and fully integrated support for major Help Desk tools such as Freshdesk and Zendesk, your clients can access support anytime, anywhere. Built in service ticket modules effortlessly, proactively communicate resolution status, making you a perfect Relationship Manager.

How it Works?

  • Clients
    Digital – Onboarding /
    eKYC / AML / Biometrics
    • Dashboards / Reports /
    • Beneficiary
    • Referral Programme &
      Rate Alerts
    • Reports &
API Based Architecture
Manage Brokers
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Client Manager​
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • STP Execution
  • Automated Austrac Reports
  • Markups
  • Referral setup
  • Legacy Systems
  • Bank APIs
  • Live Rates
  • STP Execution


Quickly launch new digital products and services. Start fast with, what you need and scale as you grow. Adapt new technologies with ease.

100% rebrand-able digital remittance, to reinforce your brand. Just add your logo, choose a preferred custodian, and you are up and running within days.​

Facilitate integration with other business partners to extend your services, seamlessly.​

Wherever you are in your business cycle, our infrastructure is 100% cloud-based and allows you, for fast and reliable scaling.​

Our platform utilize the latest encryption standards and advanced web application firewall technology.​

Automate transactions with all your banks, via our smart APIs.​

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