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Digital Onboarding Solutions provide a single platform for banks to onboard clients easily and securely, using mobile banking or internet banking channels.

Digital Onboarding Client Details

Product Features for Clients FYNXT Arrow Icon

Individual /
Joint FYNXT Arrow Icon

Client Onboarding

  • Mobile-first design.
  • Social Login options.
  • OTP confirmation.
  • Face Authentication.
  • Automated OCR.
  • Unique Liveness detection.
  • Integrated eKYC, AML, PEP checks.
  • Extendible Client Management Platform Client Portal with Intuitive Dashboards and integrations.
Digital Onboarding Individual Account Setup
Digital Onboarding Corporate Account Setup
Digital Onboarding Configurations
Digital Onboarding Client Dashboard

Corporate /
Institutional FYNXT Arrow Icon

Client Onboarding

  • Mobile first designs.
  • 100% digitized.
  • Digitised FATCA.
  • Integrated with DocuSign.
  • Multiple users can operate one account/ Users Management.
  • Directors & Shareholders identity checks
  • Regulatory Assessments based on selected products

Compliance FYNXT Arrow Icon

Built-in Regulatory Framework

  • Build your own logic for Classification of clients online.
  • Ready made assessment templates for online test.​
  • Validate Customer digitally with a service provider below:

Extends to any provider with API's

Powerful Simplicity
Means Stickier Clients FYNXT Arrow Icon

Easy to use, intuitive dashboard provides always-on digital convenience, real-time visibility and absolute control over every element of the client’s portfolio.

Product Features for FI's FYNXT Arrow Icon

Management FYNXT Arrow Icon

Attract, Track, Convert More Leads

  • Organize your lead management with ease.
  • Segment the leads to focus on the best opportunities, and monitor the lead pipeline to avoid bottlenecks as early.
  • Track lead sources to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on the best performing channels.
Digital Onboarding Lead Pipeline
Digital Onboarding Executive Dashboard
User Role Management
Run Intuitive Campaigns
Digital Onboarding Customer Interaction
Digital Onboarding Fund Transfer and Reporting
Digital Onboarding Client 360
Digital Onboarding Account 360 User Management

Dashboards FYNXT Arrow Icon

And Reports

  • Intelligent real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs.
  • Built-in analytics includes Client & Account distributions, Wallet transactions, Trade volumes, Operations & Sales activities, and much more.

User and Role
Management FYNXT Arrow Icon

Easily configure Roles/Teams/Users with field level access controls to meet your compliance and operational requirements.

Run Intuitive
CampaignsFYNXT Arrow Icon

Campaign can be triggered to the selected segment and reach the target audience in the right way!

  • Segment based Campaign
  • Right audience receive right communication at the right time
  • Execute most relevant steps based on the audience response
  • Used for Up / Cross Selling
  • Helps to fetch quality Leads

Interactions FYNXT Arrow Icon

We speak your language. Our Interaction Module integrates seamlessly with all popular communications channels, neatly integrating all communications as well as service ticket generation and management. You can even send, receive and synchronise emails right within our Interaction Module, without the need to switch applications.

Reporting​ FYNXT Arrow Icon

Let FYNXT do all the heavy lifting on the regulatory reporting side. Trade reporting, statistics, leads, revenue, IB Fees, compliance, all automated to precision so you don’t need to touch it.

360 ViewFYNXT Arrow Icon

A Comprehensive view

  • Client360 is a unified view of an individual client! Everything your client do is available in a 360 -view.
  • The built-in access compliance ensures that the right person/team has specific access at a field level.

Account 360
View FYNXT Arrow Icon

User Clients love this – dynamic, real time, portfolio-wide summary of all important entries, connected to their accounts.

Today : Labor Intense & Manual Checking FYNXT Arrow Icon

Financial services often undertake labor-intensive and costly customer onboarding processes, which can lead to high drop-out rates.

Integration Icon Reviews and Verify
Integration Icon
Requires Sales / Operations team to support end users
Request New Documents and more information's
Integration Icon Identity & AML checks
Integration Icon
Sign Up
Separate forms and steps for Individual, Joint, Corporate and Trust Applications
Integration Icon Personal Details
Integration Icon Product Selection
Integration Icon Financial & Tax Details
Upload Icon Upload IDs, Doc.etc.
Download scans & email documents

Tomorrow : Our Solution FYNXT Arrow Icon

We revolutionize your client's Digital Onboarding Process by condensing months into minutes while boosting security.

Integration Icon Sign-up Digitally
Upload Icon Upload IDs, Doc, etc.
Integration Icon Product Selection
Integration Icon Financial & Tax Details
Integration Icon E-KYC AML/Blacklist checks
Integration Icon Client Onboarded

Launch Your Digital Onboarding Platform Within Two Weeks FYNXT Arrow Icon


Choose a template from our pre-built solutions, for both retail and institutional clients.


Digitize your existing forms and receive online applications, in a more secured and scalable way.


Integrated eKYC and AML, automated classification/suitability tests, to fulfil your compliance and regulatory requirements.


Seamlessly manage your leads and clients, with our in-built Client Manager for the financial industry.​​

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