FYNXT Partnerships: Separating Us from the Competition banner

There are many things that separate FYNXT from the competition! Not only do we understand the market, we also listen to it. Our teams of people spend their days creating the best platforms and modules for multi-asset brokers to allow them to run their businesses more efficiently, securely, and profitably.

But...it's not just about the amazing technology and plug-and-play user-friendly interfaces. One of the key benefits of a partnership with FYNXT is just that...partnerships.

FYNXT goes out of its way to create the most efficient systems for your business, and that includes plugging in the best partners to our platforms and modules. Until recently, a multi-asset broker had to scour the market, looking for recommendations, visiting trade shows, and ploughing through directories, just to find services that would work with their business, ethos, and goals.

Now, as a huge time-saving benefit, FYNXT has teamed up with key players in the retail trading space and integrated their services directly into our platforms and modules.

Trading Platform Partnerships: Stay in Sync FYNXT Arrow Icon

One of the key benefits of our Client Manager CRM, PAMM, and IB Manager is the seamless, worry-free integration of your existing trading servers. Our partnerships with the main players in the business-Spotware (cTrader), Devexperts, Leverate, Trader Evolution, and MetaQuotes (MT4/5) - means that you don't need a dedicated IT team to integrate one, two, or all of our partners' servers into your CRM. It's all done and dusted at the click of a button!

KYC Partnerships: Remain Compliant FYNXT Arrow Icon

Digital Onboarding of new clients and IBs have been made much easier and fully compliant after our partnerships with Sumbub, Shuftipro, and GBG. Not long ago, a team of compliance specialists had to comb through vast amounts of traders' questionnaires and personal details to onboard them. As well, a huge number of sign-ups were lost as potential clients, ready and eager to fund accounts, abandoned their journey as the processes seemed intrusive or had technical difficulties.

Now, with biometric KYC, our partners can help get your new clients onboarded and accounts funded quickly, easily, and pain-free.

PSP Partnerships: Collect Safely and Securely FYNXT Arrow Icon

Another area that has always been a pain point for the multi-asset broker is the ever-changing arena of the Payment Service Provider (PSP). Different jurisdictions require different payment methods, and the modern broker has to scour the world looking for partners wherever they do business.

To this end, FYNXT has teamed up with some of the leading players in the business, like Bridgerpay, Praxis Cashier, StonePay, ProxPay, Coinpayment, Safecharge, TKPay, and Walaopay. We have also integrated the facility to handle traditional Bank Transfers for those clients of yours who have that preference.

And, of course, with our technological excellence, all transactions are automatically updated in every module, whether they are payments for retail clients, IBs, and/or investors under managed accounts.

Customer Support Partnerships: Your Chatline FYNXT Arrow Icon

After you have your paying customers safely onboarded and trading, today's multi-asset broker must pay close attention to customer support. Any failings in this area can cause lost clients and bad reviews, so attentive, super-fast responses are necessary. To help you facilitate this, FYNXT has teamed up with Vonage (Nexmo) and SMSto. Their suite of services includes voice, video, and SMS APIs, which integrate perfectly into your main systems for instant communication and call logging.

Email Marketing Partnerships: Let Them Help You Communicate FYNXT Arrow Icon

For your marketing department, we have partnered with Mailchimp and Sendgrid for your email and campaign needs. One of the main benefits of the FYNXT systems is that documents and email templates are fully automated. Our Client Manager, IB, and Managed Accounts modules all offer slick communications channels to keep your clients, investors, and IBs up-to-date and motivated. As well, client acquisition and retention are key components of your business, and a professional, easy-to-manage, email system, fully integrated into your CRM, is indispensable.

Currency Display Partnerships: Keep your Website Compelling FYNXT Arrow Icon

If your website needs to display up-to-the-minute information on currency exchange rates, we offer our partnership with Fixer, where you can contract a variety of APIs for currency conversion, monitoring, and bank account verification.

And it doesn't stop there! Our industry is moving fast with new technology, new regulations, and new methods, week by week and month by month. Our job is to keep you, the multi-asset broker, ahead of the game, efficient, and compliant. To that end, FYNXT will always be looking for new and exciting partnerships, and we look forward to introducing them to you and demonstrating how we can make your business run as efficiently as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.