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Product Packages

Payment Integration
& Wallet
Financial Institutions Platform Supported Interactive Broker, CQG, MT5, Stellar, FlexTrade, Alphalion, QORT & Others Payment Integration & Wallet
  • Multi-Currency Wallet
  • Direct Deposit to Trading Account
  • Cashier's (e.g Praxis, StonePay)​
  • Multiple Payment Gateways​
Client Manager Integrations For Clients Digital Onboarding, Client Portal For Brokers Client Managers

Product Overview

Client Manager

A comprehensive solution for Multi-Asset brokers to optimally manage their Clients, Compliance, Sales & Operations etc.

Below are some of the key highlights:​

  • Client Management.
  • Service Tickets.
  • Sales Management.
  • Reports & Dashboards.
  • Client Portal Configurations.
  • Integrated with interactive brokers and other reputed trading platforms​.
Client Portal

A rebranded client portal specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive user experience for your clients.

Below are some of the key highlights:

  • Digital Onboarding.​
  • Intuitive Dashboard.​
  • Account Management.​
  • Multi-Currency Wallet.
  • Statements & Reports.​
Digital Onboarding For both Retail and Institutional Clients

Clients can easily, onboarded regardless of channel - in-branch, laptop, tablet and mobile, all the while ensuring a consistent experience.

Below are some of the key highlights:

  • Mobile first design​.​
  • Built-in two Factor authentication​.​
  • Integrated Docu-sign​.
  • Integrated eKYC, AML, PEP checks​.
  • Extendible Client Portal with Intuitive Dashboards and Integrations.​​
  • Built-in Communication Channels (Email / SMS / Whatsapp / Help Desk.​​
Headroom to Grow

With our open APIs and infinitely extensible architecture, our platform delivers peerless client experience solutions, that grows in step with your business. Need to pivot? No problem, we'll gladly assist/help you.

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