Let me start by wishing you and your families a happy, blessed, and healthy 2023! .

I am humbled and proud to reflect on the achievements and milestones we reached in 2022.

Despite the global economic downturn, especially with the CRYPTO debacle and the removal of Meta quotes from the Apple App Store, it was a year of growth and success for our company, and I want to take a moment to thank our dedicated employees, loyal clients, and supportive shareholders for their contributions to our success.

Some of the highlights of the year include: FYNXT Arrow Icon

At FYNXT, last year, along with growing the business, our primary focus was on setting the right foundation to scale, including our internal processes and our platform's security. And here we are - FYNXT is now an ISO 27001:2013 | ISMS-certified organization!

Further, with our strategic partnerships with leading trading platforms & liquidity providers and industry advisors, we have successfully added new trading platforms to our services that has helped us enhance our offering and reach new clients & geographies.

The expansion of our product offerings to include a range of cutting-edge features and tools for Copy trading, Managed Accounts, IB Management, Sales Management, and many more has helped us attract and retain a larger client base.

In addition, the implementation of several initiatives to improve the client experience, including a dedicated 24x7 support team and expanding our client support team, and the rollout of a new client support portal.

Looking ahead to 2023, we have an ambitious agenda that includes the launch of new products and services, the continuation of our expansion into new markets, and a focus on investing in our people and technology. We are confident that with hard work and dedication, we will be able to continue our trajectory of growth and success.

And as we grow, we are learning every day and constructively taking every feedback from our clients to better ourselves each day - improving our product, processes, and support. We've always prioritized creating immersive experiences for our clients, and last year we expanded our digital-first strategy to new markets.

Here are some of the key initiatives we will be focusing on in 2023:

Investing in our people FYNXT Arrow Icon

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and we will be focusing on providing ongoing training and development opportunities to help them grow and succeed.

Enhancing our client experience FYNXT Arrow Icon

We will be implementing several initiatives to enhance the client experience, including a new multi-channel support platform and an expanded team of client support representatives.

Amplifying our technology and security FYNXT Arrow Icon

As part of the ISO certification, we will be investing in new technologies and infrastructure to help us secure, scale, and improve our operations.

Expanding our product offerings FYNXT Arrow Icon

We will be launching several new products and services this year, including a mobile app for our platform, adding AI/ML, 5+ new trading platforms, and a suite of automation features for our clients.

Strengthening our partnerships and distribution channels FYNXT Arrow Icon

We will be seeking out new partnerships and distribution channels with complementary companies and organizations to help drive our growth and reach new clients.

At FYNXT, we are laser-focused on our vision of transforming the financial services industry through the power of cutting-edge technologies and innovative offerings. We understand that the world of finance is constantly evolving, and it's our mission to stay at the forefront of these changes by continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

On behalf of the entire FYNXT team, we thank you for choosing us as your fintech partner and look forward to continuing to grow and succeed together. Here's to a bright future filled with innovation and collaboration. Here's to an even more successful 2023!