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Scale your business with an intuitive Platform to attract more Fund Managers & Investors.

  • Rebranded cutting-edge portal for Fund Managers & Investors.
  • Plugin-free, Automated fee calculations and settlements.
  • No MT4/5 Accounts required for Investors.
  • Attract investors with transparency and 100% Allocation accuracy (min 0.00001 lots).
  • Attract Fund Managers with multiple fee options (Performance, Upfront, Management, Subscription, Penalty Fees).
  • Built-in coupon module for Fund Managers to attract more Investors.
  • Integrated with IB Manager module.
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Managed Accounts Leaderboard

Product Features for Investors FYNXT Arrow Icon

Options FYNXT Arrow Icon

Easy access using existing MT4/MT5 accounts or compliant digital onboarding.

Managed Accounts Login
Managed Accounts Leaderboard
Managed Accounts Subscribe Strategy
Managed Account Automated Statements
Managed Accounts Investor Portal

Widget FYNXT Arrow Icon

can be embedded anywhere

  • This displays all the published Strategies by the Fund Managers. investors can view detailed performance stats and subscribe directly within this page.
  • It can be embedded anywhere - on a landing page or a blog to provide maximum coverage for Fund Managers.

Strategies FYNXT Arrow Icon

A Comprehensive view

  • Investors can unsubscribe, withdraw, partially withdraw, and top up their strategies.
  • View detailed performance stats and list of Trades (configurable option).

Statements FYNXT Arrow Icon

Built-in statements with intuitive insights and details on the performance, fees, highwater mark and much more.

Portal FYNXT Arrow Icon

Intuitively designed for Trust

  • Direct login using existing trading accounts or compliant digital onboarding.
  • Subscribe to strategies & manage investments seamlessly.
  • Transparent fee calculations and automated settlement.
  • Virtual Accounts protects Investors by ensuring no slippage and transparent reporting.
  • Automated Daily & Monthly Statements for Investors and Masters.

Product Features for Fund Managers FYNXT Arrow Icon

Supports Various
Types of Fees FYNXT Arrow Icon

  • Performance Fees
  • Upfront Fees
  • Subscription Fees
  • Management Fees
  • Penalty Fees
Managed Accounts Create Strategy
Managed Accounts Create Strategy
Managed Accounts Published Strategies
Manage Investors Dashboard
Managed Account Automated Statements
Managed Accounts Fund Manager Portal

Strategies FYNXT Arrow Icon

Fund Managers can easily create / manage strategies and customize it based on their business requirements.

Manage Investor's
Accounts and Orders FYNXT Arrow Icon

Platform provides the Fund Manager with all the required stats, for all the investor accounts which is associated with the strategy.

Page FYNXT Arrow Icon

A public page for Fund Manager to share his strategies and performance to attract more Investors.

Statements FYNXT Arrow Icon

Monthly account statements and detailed quarterly performance reports, are sent to all managed account clients. It includes both, their earnings and payables.

Fund Manager
Portal FYNXT Arrow Icon

A comprehensive approach

  • Direct login using existing trading accounts or compliant digital onboarding.
  • Publish strategies & manage Investors seamlessly online.
  • Transparent fee calculations and automated daily settlement.
  • Ensures Investors cannot copy Fund Manager's strategies via EAs on the Trading terminal.
  • Dedicated Public profile page for all Fund Managers to share proprietary strategies with their prospective investors.

Launch Your Managed Accounts
In Just 4 Steps FYNXT Arrow Icon

Unleash a new, industry defining Managed Accounts platform in just four steps – enhanced client acquisition, increased lifetime value of clients, profitable, highly engaged, stickier clients.

Add your Trading

Add your MT4/MT5 server credentials to get started.

Configure Managed Accounts

Configure your Managed Accounts​ offerings based on your business requirements, rules.

Rebrand your Client Portal

your brand details.

Manage Your

Seamlessly manage your Fund Managers and Investors with our built in Client Manager.

Product Features for BrokersFYNXT Arrow Icon

Configurations FYNXT Arrow Icon

As per your business needs

  • Automated fee calculations and settlements.
  • Turn On / Off functions and features from our Back-office settings page.
  • Brokers and Fund Managers enjoy user interface that allow them to configure strategy settings, funding flow, and privacy settings.
Managed Accounts Configurations
Managed Accounts Rebranded Portal
Managed Accounts Configurations
Integrated IB Manager
Managed Account Client 360 Dashboard
Managed Accounts Dashboard

Portal FYNXT Arrow Icon

For Investors & Fund Managers

  • Maximize brand awareness by applying corporate design to the platform's frontend components.
  • Allow your Fund Managers and Investors to login to the Fund Management Software using their existing trading accounts.

Managed Accounts FYNXT Arrow Icon

Configure the settings/features for your Managed Account offering in an easy-to-use interface for the operations team.

with IB Manager FYNXT Arrow Icon

The Platform integrates seamlessly with our IB Management module to automate the rebates and boost the Investor network.

360 ViewFYNXT Arrow Icon

A Comprehensive view

  • Client360 is a unified view of an individual client! Everything your client do is available in a 360 -view.
  • The built-in access compliance ensures that the right person/team has specific access at a field level.

Dashboards & Reports FYNXT Arrow Icon

Intelligent real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs.​

Built-in analytics includes Client & Account distributions, Wallet transactions, Trade volumes, Operations & Sales activities, and much more.​

Supported Trading Platforms FYNXT Arrow Icon

Meta Trader 4
Meta Trader 5

Managed Accounts Benefits FYNXT Arrow Icon

Attract Fund Managers with a feature-rich Fund Manager Platform.

Hassle-free Integrations, we handle all the technical aspects.​

Boost your volume and income.

100% Digitally configurable.

Launch the platform in just few hours.

Why Us FYNXT Arrow Icon

Managed Accounts
Managed Accounts
Investors Traditional FYNXT Limited with MT4/MT5 Accounts for investors Flexible virtual accounts overcoming the challenges of MT4/5 accounts for investors
Trade Traditional FYNXT Trade to 0.01 lots; unable to engage in US30/Cash CFD trades, higher margin requirements. Trade as low as 0.0001 lots, with infinitely flexible leverage allocation. Precise lot size allocation - greater precision in trade allocation, profit attribution and access to different instruments.
Strategy Traditional FYNXT Investors can run their own EA's to copy Master's trades, outside the strategy.​ Protects the Fund Manager, by ensuring investors are not copying their strategies via EA’s on the MT4/MT5 terminal.
Introducing Traditional FYNXT Thick clients/primitive user experience. Cutting edge web & always available, native mobile interface.
Transparency Traditional FYNXT Additional overhead for Fund Managers, to administer and lack of transparency for underlying investors. Since SSM communicates all allocation settings directly to your MT4/MT5 server, Fund Managers simply need to trade through the MT4/MT5 Master.
Settlement Traditional FYNXT Manual/semi-automated fee calculation and settlement. Automation of configurable fee calculation and settlement parameters.
Types Traditional FYNXT Typically performance fee only based on remuneration. Supports multiple fee types to include upfront, subscription, management, performance & execution or any combination.
Discount Coupons Traditional FYNXT Typically Fund Managers, must create multiple strategies to meet their investor’s fee requirements. Fund Managers can manage multiple fees requirement with one strategy by creating coupons.

Secure, Scalable & Easy To Integrate FYNXT Arrow Icon

  • Client Portal
    Digital – Onboarding or MT4/MT5 Login
    Integration Icon
    • Leaderboard: Find A Money Manager
      Integration Icon
    • Manage
      Investment Accounts
      Integration Icon
    • Manage
      Master Accounts
      Integration Icon
    • Leaderboard:
      Publish Strategy
      Integration Icon
    • Dashboards / Reports / Statements
      Integration Icon
    • Your Own Public Page
      Integration Icon
API Integration Icon API Based Architecture
(Managed Brokers)
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IBs
  • Mark Ups
  • Fee Management
  • Integration With MT4/MT5 Trading System
    Integration Icon
  • Configure Settings For Allocations
    Integration Icon
  • Configure Client Portal:
    Add Your Branding
    Integration Icon
  • Automated Fee Calculations
    Integration Icon
  • Automated Fee Settlements
    Integration Icon
  • Support, Now Simplified
    Integration Icon

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