How a Broker Gain Convertible Leads with Contest Manager

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An Australian broker was finding the traditional approach of marketing ineffective for their business and attracting quality leads. As a global online broker offering trading platforms for share CFDs, forex, crypto, gold & more, they were looking for a solution that would help them get credible clientele and boost their business.

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The Broker chose to attract quality leads from the South-East Asian market but faced the following challenges:

  • Their previous approach had a high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

  • They were not able to gain convertible leads

  • Building a digital platform on their own was a costly and time-consuming process while the industry leaders were already doing good

They wanted an effective solution to get engagement and attract quality leads.

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With FYNXT's Contest Manager, the Broker's team acquired our comprehensive contest manager software that proved to be a great lead generating tool and positively influenced the company's profitability.

  • FYNXT's contest manager made it easy for them to create a contest and gave them the freedom to customize it as per their requirements.

  • The contest manager comes with an in-built referral channel, making it easier for the participants to invite their friends to join the contest.

  • The contest manager also allows the Broker to embed the contest as a widget on their blog or site without diverting the visitors.

  • The default templates are free and customizable, making it easy for the Broker to match their brand.

  • Also, it supports multiple languages, making it easy to target a global audience.

  • Moreover, it is easy to filter the entries and announce the real winners, which can be used as social proof.

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  • The Broker got credible leads (Got 1000 participants, out of which 700 are active traders)

  • Less Cost Per Acquisition

  • Faster time to market

  • Hassel-free integration

  • Easily configurable platform

  • Create and launch contest in 5 minutes

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Are you tired of the traditional approach to marketing your business? Try FYNXT's contest manager and attract more clientele and quality leads. Customize your contests, embed them as a widget, and target a global audience. Sign up now and experience the power of FYNXT's contest manager.