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An elegantly rebranded portal, specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive user experience for your clients, whether first timers or seasoned professionals.

Below are some of the key highlights:​

  • Digital Onboarding​.
  • Intuitive Dashboard.​
  • Account Management​.
  • Multi-Currency Wallet​.
  • Manage Trading accounts.​
  • Statements & Reports.​
  • Support Center & Automated push Notifications.​​
  • Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms.​

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For landing page

  • Select the template of your choice or build a customized template based on your branding guidelines
Onboarding​ FYNXT Arrow Icon

Seamlessly onboard your clients with an intuitive design and configuration option to meet the regulatory requirements.

Accounts FYNXT Arrow Icon

Manage them seamlessly

  • Create/ manage accounts automatically based on the trading platform selected.
  • View complete account details at one place.
Wallets FYNXT Arrow Icon

Based on what you support

  • Enable clients to deposit and maintain funds in the currency of their choice and avoid additional conversion charges.
Accounts FYNXT Arrow Icon


  • Built-in next- generation Managed Account module to attract Fund Managers and Investors.
Statements FYNXT Arrow Icon

Out-of-the box

  • Intuitively designed statements for Trading Accounts, Investors and Fund Managers.
Center FYNXT Arrow Icon

Keep your clients informed

  • Built-in interface to view notifications such as account approval, successful transactions and for pending activities.
Center FYNXT Arrow Icon

Built-in Support Center for your clients and operations team to seamlessly interact.

Seamless Client Experience

Is The New Normal FYNXT Arrow Icon

A consistent user experience across all OS's, devices and screen sizes is no longer optional, It's a given.

Benefits FYNXT Arrow Icon

Supports digital onboarding for both, individual and corporate clients.

Seamlessly integrated with Client Manager platform.

Intelligent, real-time analytics dashboard, to keep KPI’s front and center, on track.

Multi-Currency wallet for clients, to readily deposit, withdraw and transfer funds across multiple currencies.​

Integrated social pages for trade leaders, to promote their profiles.

API based integration with all major Payment Service Providers.

Personalized, push-alerts and notifications.

Multilingual support.

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