FYNXT Founder & CEO Aeby Samuel

Let me start by wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2022.

The last year was focused on building a transformational business and achieving new milestones. We underwent a bit of a transformation ourselves too as we rebranded our company from Simple2Trade to FYNXT. The name FYNXT implies ushering in the new era of financial services. We have always been focused on building experiential offerings for our clients and last year we expanded our digital-first approach to new regions. The results were encouraging too as we 3xed our monthly recurring revenue and helped clients to generate 100 yards of transaction volume.

None of this would have been possible without our client and stakeholder’s strong support and our employees who have worked hard despite the raging pandemic to achieve the many small and large milestones we saw along the way.

As we embark on 2022, here are a few developments that we will promise to prioritize this year.

  • Stabilize and strengthen the platform’s security:

    The stability and security of the platform have always been a priority for us at FYNXT. But given the rise in cyber-attacks, our focus is even sharper to secure and stabilize our platforms further and ensure a safe experience for our clients. We also have an aim to build a vulnerability-free trading CRM platform that doesn’t expose the client or the end-users to malicious entities.

  • Build a sales module:

    We have built a highly configurable gamification driven customer acquisition channel that helps our clients generate a high volume of genuine leads through intelligent contest management. The platform helped a client generate 3000+ leads through a single contest last year. This year, we are going a step ahead to build a sales module that will provide our clients with forex-specific campaign tools. We will be merging our contest manager with the client manager module. We fully expect that this will help our clients to generate more leads and manage the sales and operations more effectively.

  • Restructuring the team:

    2021 was about building future-ready products. This year, our focus is to ensure that our platforms are bug-free and secure. We will be restructuring our internal focus more on product development. We want to streamline our processes further to enhance customer experience and ensure the platform’s safety. As a token of gratitude for guiding the teams and working so hard to build these innovative platforms, we want to provide ESOPs to our senior employees. We know that without their efforts, achieving the milestones would have nearly been impossible.

  • Automate broker onboarding:

    This will be a key product enhancement. We are conscious that brokers cannot afford to spend time on the manual or paper-based onboarding process in a fast-paced environment. Hence, we are automating the platform entirely to streamline the broker onboarding process. We are configuring the platform to provide more of a self-service experience to brokers. That way, they can integrate the platform with their existing MT4/MT5 accounts, update their details, and get started without requiring any human intervention.

  • Expansion on crypto focus:

    Last year our platform grew in a very significant area. We added a key integration with Binance to make it easier for our financial services customers to offer trading in a variety of digital currencies. This year, we must recognize that digital currencies are gaining rapidly. We aim to make it easier to onboard crypto brokers on the platform to make that happen.

  • Expanding our presence in different markets:

    Last year, we expanded our presence in Hong Kong, Greater China, and Southeast Asia. We want to take our vision of transforming the financial services industry to different locations across the globe. We are already getting feelers of interest and plan on doing full-fledged marketing campaigns across the globe in mid-2022 to grow awareness. We want to empower the financial services industry to provide more elevated digital experiences to their customers.

We are committed to our vision of transforming the financial services industry with cutting-edge technologies and innovative offerings. On behalf of the FYNXT team, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and unrelenting trust in us. We promise to strive to always meet your expectations.