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A few years ago, it was unimaginable for ordinary investors to break the high barriers of Forex trading. The knowledge and tools were almost inaccessible to most. Today, thanks to technology, Forex trading has become accessible to everyone. Forex brokerages have simplified the trading process for customers. Customers can easily research and trade without any hassles. The same is true, in varying degrees, of multiple asset classes like stocks, debt, and even new-age digital currencies.

As a Fintech solution provider, we were silently working with financial services companies, remittance providers, fund management houses, and wealth managers to aid them in their digital transformation journey as they try to expand their customer base. They are focused on the digital customer of today and know the importance of providing a modern customer experience. Our solutions help to simplify their onboarding process, improve customer engagement, acquire more customers, and encourage more transactions by their existing customers. We help them manage campaigns such as running contests and provide an end-to-end implementation of digital solutions. But that was yesterday!

As philosopher Heraclitus says, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

The processes of the financial services industry are being transformed thanks to digitalization, but one big gap remains. The interactions with customers have remained transactional and functional. There isn’t enough focus on the motivations of the investors and the users. Why are they doing this? What outcomes are they looking for? How can this be made easy for them? Can the experience rise about the merely functional and amplify the emotional aspect? These are important focus areas for the modern users.

Today’s customers demand experiential services. We realized that it was time for us to help our customers transition from providing functional services to experiential services.

This has given birth to our new "avatar" – FYNXT.

What is FYNXT? FYNXT Arrow Icon

Before we introduce FYNXT, let's agree that digital transformation is no longer a value-add. Instead, it has become a necessity. According to the 2020 Applied Systems Digital Brokerage Report, digitalizing has helped brokerages improve returns. A whopping 97% of brokerage houses had shown a strong resolve to adopt digitalization.

As an experienced FinTech platform provider, we knew that this was the right time to empower brokerage houses to transform digitally and grow. That’s why we decided to take the next step to help our customers grow by improving the customer experience they provide.

FYNXT is a B2B-focused FinTech company that offers easy-to-use SaaS solutions to Forex brokers, multi-assets brokerage firms, wealth management companies, remittance providers, and banks. We will help them in their digital transformation process and reshaping their digital future.

The focus will be to build experiential services focused on their end customers.

How Will FYNXT Benefit Financial Institutions? FYNXT Arrow Icon

We have always provided specialized solutions for different financial services. Broker365, for instance, has been built specifically to digitalize multi-asset brokerage companies. Remit365 offers everything a global remittance provider requires to operate their business digitally in a secure and compliant manner. Finally, wealth365 is a comprehensive investment platform for financial advisors and wealth managers.

In the brave new digital world of financial services, our flagship product will be Digital Front Office (DFO). Digital Front Office aims to accelerate the digital journey. It has unique plug-and-play modules and a robust CRM integration that can help financial services companies maximize revenue, earn more profits, and retain customers.

Our DFO solution addresses the entire digital customer journey – be it identifying potential customers, acquiring them, engaging with them, managing them, and retaining them.

What differentiates this vision from the rest is the convenience it offers to the companies. For example, DFO offers readymade templates compliant with regulatory authorities such as MAS and ASIC as they map the entire customer journey. They can be branded with the company’s branding elements. It also has an in-built, intuitive dashboard that provides a complete overview, generates reports, statements, and payment reports in a single platform. Also, considering that the product is integrated with multiple merchant providers, financial institutions can leverage benefits such as multiple currency processing and automated current rate conversions from a single platform.

The product provides a single, end-to-end view of the digital customer’s journey. The company can eliminate all the guesswork and get a 360-degree view of their end customers. They can view and manage their sales pipeline, manage campaigns, and also track their dashboard and reports efficiently.

In a nutshell, DFO empowers companies to:

  • Choose a template from the library of digital forms to address retail and constitutional clients.
  • Digitize their existing forms and receive applications in a scalable and formatted manner.
  • Integrate their eKYC documents, account management, payments, and other business-specific modules.
  • Manage all leads and clients seamlessly with the in-built client manager features.

What’s Our Purpose? FYNXT Arrow Icon

We want to help financial institutions build a brand with a high stickiness quotient and find a strong brand loyalty among their customers. Our digital products have features such as plug-and-play modules that stand for versatility, adaptability, affordability, modularity, and simplicity.

And we are not limiting ourselves to it. From connecting different silos to provide a unified experience and offering modular solutions to lower the barriers of digital transformation, we are moving towards empowering, inspiring, and instilling confidence among our customers with our solutions.

As financial companies move rapidly towards digital transformation, FYNXT aims to become their partner in this transformative journey.

To know if we are a good fit to be a digital partner, contact us for a free demo.