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Powered by digital technologies, online trading platforms are going mainstream all across the globe. Globally, the market value for online trading platforms is set to reach $12.16 billion by the year 2028. This is a major increase from the 2020 market value of just $8.28 billion.

Further, major online trading platforms recorded the highest increase in new customers in 2020. For instance, Singapore-based online brokerage firm, Tiger Brokers recorded a 100% growth in their customer accounts across three consecutive quarters in 2020.

What is driving this transformation? A combination of favourable market factors like cryptocurrency trading, stock market volatility, zero commissions, and more spare time due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Besides, the growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence or AI technology is also contributing to the popularity of “easy-to-use” online trading platforms.

Despite all the recent advancements, the use of technology in online trading is still at a nascent stage. As more millennial and Gen-Z investors enter the trading market, they expect to work with more user-centric digital platforms where they can easily perform online transactions.

At FYNXT, we are committed to continually improving the quality and convenience of digital trading for our business customers. As a Fintech solution provider, FYNXT offers a complete suite of solutions in FX & CFD Brokers, Multi-Asset Brokerage, Remittances, and Banking.

Let's discuss how FYNXT solutions are meeting the demands of the online trading industry. Additionally, we shall look at the latest product updates in the FYNXT online trading platform.

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At FYNXT, we aim to provide the best technology solutions to banks and financial services companies. With our cloud-based SaaS trading platform, we have accelerated the path towards digital transformation for our Fintech customers. Thanks to our industry experience, we can deliver a unified customer experience across all touchpoints.

Our domain expertise in financial services enables us to recognize the various challenges that our clients face in their pursuit of digital transformation. Hence, we continuously direct our efforts towards:

  • Improving our product experiences for our financial customers
  • Providing a seamless onboarding experience for their customers and enabling them to get started with online trading efficiently.
  • Enhancing trading convenience by continually integrating our platform with third-party financial tools and platforms.
  • Innovating with new product features that add business value for our customers.

Next, let us look at our latest product updates on the FYNXT trading platform.

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As an innovative Fintech Platform provider, FYNXT is at the leading edge of SaaS-based development of financial products and services. With our online trading platform, we aim to provide business agility to our growing customer base of financial services organizations.

Here are the latest product updates on the FYNXT trading platform:

  • Integration with GBG platform :

    The GBG platform facilitates the smooth onboarding of customers while reducing financial fraud and achieving compliance with industry regulations. With this integration, we aim to prevent online fraud for banks, financial institutions, and trading companies.

  • Client Manager enhancement :

    Our Client Manager solution for FX brokers is now enhanced to generate more sales leads and opportunities. With this enhancement, every contact from various sources is now a lead (or prospective customer). On lead generation, the client manager automatically assigns the sales to lead the right sales executive. It can also map the sales lead to the marketing source after defining the pipeline.

  • IB portal enhancement :

    Previously, IBs mainly relied on their brokers (or traders) to calculate tax rebates that they could claim. This was a problem as rebate claims could directly contribute to their profits and impact their bottom line. Manual calculation and claims of tax rebates consumed significant man-hours.

    With this release, our IB portal has a built-in Rebate calculation engine that can automatically calculate rebates and settle fees. Further, this engine provides any rebate-related update every 30 minutes.

  • Integration with Crowdin solution :

    As a cloud-powered solution, Crowdin streamlines and manages localization for any multilingual content. With this integration, our financial customers can now store and manage their multilingual content across all our solutions.

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At FYNXT, we strive to use our technology platform to provide an optimum advantage for our global customers. Our product updates are in sync with the latest market trends and developments in the online trading space.

Here are some other product updates designed to meet other digital challenges.