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$210 billion was invested in the FinTech industry in 2021. Crypto and blockchain garnered investments worth $30 billion. Data analytics solutions, BNPL tech, embedded finance, etc., weren't far behind.

According to Gartner, 75% of financial management suites would operate on the cloud as compared to 39% in 2020. The consulting giant also talks about hyper-automation, AI-engineering, distributed cloud, cybersecurity mesh, and intelligent composable infrastructure — all set to be integrated within the FinTech stack.

This revolution has been a long time coming, and FYNXT is right at the heart of this innovation. Since 2015, we have progressed and grown as a trusted fintech partner to more than 20 international companies from Japan, Australia, the UK, UAE, and Singapore, amongst others.

This growth hasn't come without challenges - challenges that FYNXT has risen to with finesse and steady feet. Engineered for success, the company has been through phases of rapid development. Today, our footprint spans forex brokerage, multi-asset brokerage, remittance, and digital transformation of core banking.

Our passion for excellence and empathy for clients has brought about positive outcomes. More than anything else, what started as a passionate vision to digitize financial services has turned into an efficient and profitable systems approach. But none of this would have been possible without the team's unwavering commitment to excellence, constant learning, ruthless dedication to delivering stellar client experiences, and a mandate for growth.

So, when we say FYNXT is an excellent place for pros looking to build fintech careers, we mean this in every sense of the word — from the work culture to the rewards, from the people we're building for to the people we're building with.

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If there's one thing the fintech revolution is bringing to the table, it's the abundance of opportunities for professionals focused on core product development. For one, there's a growing need for building easy, agile platforms that allow better user experiences and seamless communication channels between brands and clients. Second, there's continuous product enhancement as we fold in technologies like data analytics to support sound decision-making.

Additionally, sample the buzz in an extremely hot new area - low-code platforms. For instance, FYNXT's platform is highly configurable to ensure faster ramp-up time and lower overall cost of ownership. It seamlessly connects with popular multi-asset trading platforms and nurtures a digital front office for core banking operations — all while facilitating plug-and-play connectivity to external systems. The next evolution of our product will span the gap between low-code and no-code as we make it ever easier for our customers to implement and adopt our products.

So, even beyond fintech, the FYNXT product developer will be talking AI, ML, Data Science, Blockchain, Cyber Security, etc. — all of which can lead to entirely new ways of doing business. As more financial services institutions gravitate towards these innovations the opportunities also grow for fintech professionals with fintech on their minds.

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As someone on the tech side of financial services, you'll be the one piloting these new-age systems, keeping pace with the market's needs. That's where you will truly find your niche — crafting cutting-edge solutions that thrive on flexible, scalable architectures. And remember that Indian fintech products are leading the world. You may get to do so too!

All this adds up to a steep learning curve for all fintech pros, regardless of their domain. That's why FYNXT has been crafted as an environment where talent can strike a balance between learning and delivery.

The company provides rewarding work, where employees can focus on their core capabilities while they get to learn and build newer applications for their current roles. From there, they can jump to strategic roles or move on to building new applications. And so, the cycle continues — building towards new avenues, new technologies, and creating an ecosystem for talent to progress and grow.

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The notion of "inclusivity" and "diversity" is very cliched with regard to corporate culture. But FYNXT's "inclusivity" is not just about ticking boxes. It's about creating a culture that can sustain itself at every level.

FYNXT doesn't confine itself to any single perspective or belief system. We believe in agility and learning as we go. That can be attributed to the fintech space, where you're dealing with a torrent of innovations and competing platforms. As such, fintech pros have to be well-read, on their toes, and open to change - or else they'll be left behind in the dust.

But that doesn't mean everyone has to fit into a box or conform to a particular way of thinking. We want people to be the best they can be, in their own way and according to their own pace. We take time off, enjoy our work and make it fun (we insist on it). We want to be transparent, relevant, and receptive to the changing needs of the business.

We don't just encourage but reward a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And we're here for the long haul — to ensure that every FYNXT employee can look forward to a rewarding career, no matter at what stage in their lives.

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At FYNXT, we are a close-knit team that successfully combines business acumen and technical skills. And if you are an individual who is willing to learn, adapt, grow and contribute to this vision, we would love for you to join us on our journey.

Undoubtedly, the journey of fintech is a bumpy road. There are bound to be missteps and curveballs. And that's natural, isn't it? After all, we're solving longstanding industry challenges and creating an entirely new paradigm for the financial services industry.

But what really matters is how we rebound, learn and grow from these challenges, and use them to get better. And this is precisely what makes FYNXT a great place for professionals who are willing to be part of the solution.

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