Why You Should Be Using FYNXT IB Manager?

The days of manually setting up and managing your IBs rebates are long gone as many systems are now available in today's market to do just that. However, FYNXT has taken this many steps forward with its "Plug and Play" Client Manager and IB Manager.

The key difference that separates FYNXT from the competitors is not just its Plug and Play modular architecture, but its dedication to automation. This has led brokers and financial institutions worldwide to choose FYNXT.

Also, unlike many systems on the market, you will not need any in-house technical or coding staff. Your administration and back-office staff will be sufficient from day one!

Launch Your IB Portal FYNXT Arrow Icon

A major benefit of the FYNXT IB Manager is its speed of initial setup! There are only 4 steps involved in launching your new IB Portal from adding your existing trading servers, configuring your IB Manager, adding your own branding to the platform, and managing your IBs with our fully automated Client Manager.

IB Onboarding FYNXT Arrow Icon

Setting up any new system can be daunting as it is usually time-consuming and stressful. Manually moving your multi-tiered IBs from one system to another can be a complicated process. Any mistakes can cause financial difficulty for your IBs, their sub-IBs, and your brokerage, and cause a myriad of customer complaints.

Are you already using a CRM? With the FYNXT IB Manager, you simply connect your current CRM and select your existing trading servers. (FYNXT offers server connections for MT4, MT5, Devexperts, Trader Evolution, cTrader, GTN, and Interactive Brokers).

With our full automation, you save many days of work on transferring vast amounts of contact data, multi-level structures and critical financial data. The automation offered by FYNXT not only saves time in onboarding but also saves you the stress and liability problems if financial information is incorrectly transferred.

Also, your IBs will be automatically sent an email showing them how to log in to their new IB Portal. This also saves your team vast amounts of time and effort.

New IB Onboarding FYNXT Arrow Icon

When a new IB comes on board, either by signing up from your website or by being submitted by a master IB, all login details are automatically sent out along with the KYC requirements and the required agreements for the new IB.

This, as well, saves much time and effort and makes the job of your compliance department much easier.

The rebate program for the new IB can be started right away as the system is fully automated. The benefits of getting a new IB started and motivated quickly cannot be understated. Any delays and complications can take time and energy away from the job of the Introducing Broker.

Fee Structures FYNXT Arrow Icon

All fee structures, symbols and groups are automatically imported from your existing CRM and trading server, saving you time and stress.

Moving forward, any changes to fee structures, the addition or removal of symbols, and the reassignment of master and sub-IBs are automatically updated and the results are calculated automatically.

This not only benefits the IBs, but it also benefits your sales team, affiliates team, and customer support team with higher efficiency and increased confidence that all changes in fee structures are accurately updated.

Multi-Tier Rewards Programs FYNXT Arrow Icon

FYNXT provides brokers and IBs with a modular, fully automated program for multi-tier rewards. A multitude of scenarios may be configured for all tiers using combinations of rules including NTC, Volume and Deposits.

Each tier can be configured differently and, when changes are made, these are automatically mapped and visible across user groups and IB tiers saving you hours of work. This also reduces stress as the broker and Master IB know that their calculations and fees will be updated automatically across the entire platform throughout all tiers.

The configuration of rewards is not just based on fee structures. Rewards may be based on vouchers and physical gifts as well, which gives the broker the most flexibility of any program of its type in the industry. FYNXT provides brokers and IBs with a modular, fully automated program for multi-tier rewards. A multitude of scenarios may be configured for all tiers using combinations of rules including NTC, Volume and Deposits.

Coupons FYNXT Arrow Icon

A major benefit of the FYNXT IB Manager is the flexibility that it offers to your Introducing Brokers. The ability to introduce Coupons is just one of those features and an IB may offer a variety of fee structure discounts to new clients as an enticement for signing on and depositing.

These Coupons can be configured against a variety of fees, and across multiple tiers, and will be automatically mapped across user groups.

Automated IB Agreements FYNXT Arrow Icon

Depending on the complexity of your relationships with your IBs and their sub-IBs, you may need extreme flexibility with your agreements. Handling these manually can cause organisational problems and legal issues if they are not managed correctly.

You can save time and avoid legal complications by standardising contract templates. Agreements are automatically filled in and KYC requirements are automatically updated and sent out to the IB by our comprehensive system.

In addition, even after some time, if there are any changes in any IBs fee structure, the CRM will make an addendum to the IB agreement and send it. Thus, the agreement automation is a continuous process.

Rebate Reconciliation Reports FYNXT Arrow Icon

Having an end-to-end view of all transactions to IBs and sub-IBs can save you many man-hours of work and help avoid conflicts down the road. Also, your IBs have complete insight into their transactions as the reports show complete transparency. This saves your customer support teams lots of time as they do not have to prepare reports at random intervals.

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