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As a Fintech Platform provider that empowers the Financial Services sector with next-gen Digital solutions, FYNXT offers a comprehensive suite of platform-ready solutions. Our solutions not only help in streamlining financial services operations; they also deliver personalized client engagement that guarantees transformational outcomes, so you can drive your business to the next level.

But given how competitive and dynamic the sector has become, we realized the need to introduce a slew of new features and capabilities for brokers to be able to drive greater efficiencies.

So, what are these updates? And should you be excited about them? Read on to find out!

A renewed focus on empowering brokers with the best-in-class front-office solutions FYNXT Arrow Icon

Empowering financial institutions, especially FX brokers, with intuitive SaaS-based platforms has been our main focus, since the time we began our journey. With these platforms, we aim to be able to accelerate digital transformation for our clients and deliver domain-specific plug-n-play modules in a single integrated platform.

Since our solutions encompass a wide range of customer journey touchpoints from beginning to end, we create the ability to deliver a unified customer experience for any financial service organization. Such modern experiences allow our clients to transform their legacy businesses into agile, forward-thinking, digital businesses.

Having been in the industry for a long time, we understand the challenges. Leveraging our significant base of domain expertise and associated intellectual capital, we have redefined an entirely new genre of digital financial services. To improve the products and experiences we offer to our clients, today, here are 5 aspects of the business we are currently directing our efforts towards:

  • Enable product focus to improve the experiences we offer to our clients
  • Stabilize our product in terms of code, features, performance, and more
  • Improve the security of our products by fixing bugs, creating new standards, and achieving the ISO 27001 certification
  • Ensuring our products can scale easily to onboard new clients
  • Constantly innovate on features by bringing in the latest technology and architecture elements.

Our latest product updates are aimed at enhancing the broker experience FYNXT Arrow Icon

Delivering SaaS-based plug-n-play digital features to financial services organizations is what we do best. But over some time, we have realized the advanced capabilities brokers expect to accelerate the speed of operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and thrive in the digital age. Not only have we made several structural, process, and workflow changes, we are also driving efforts in adding more features to better the user experience. Our top product updates include:

  • Multiple Fee Structures:

    One of the biggest enhancements we have brought to our product is the ability for brokers to add multiple fee structures for a single strategy. Earlier, when only one fee definition was possible, it was difficult to fulfil multiple requirements. A multiple fee structure mapping strategy enables them to have different fees for PF, Execution Fee, etc., while also enjoying automatic rebate calculation for any strategy.

  • Managed Accounts:

    For brokers who want to onboard customers and enable them to choose the product they want to use, the updates of Managed Accounts has been revolutionary. Until now, teams had to manually enter all the information to onboard brokers onto the portal using a step-by-step process. But with Managed Accounts, the entire onboarding process has been automated. All licensed brokers can simply go to the portal and enter all configuration details themselves - without relying on IT teams - using advanced self-service capabilities - thus making the onboarding process quicker and brokers self-sufficient.

  • Leader Board Widget:

    The introduction of widgets has been a crucial enhancement to our product. Using the portal, fund managers can publish different strategies, and investors can get a list of all investments and associated information on one single page or leader board. By having all information together in a unified view, investors can select the strategy of their choice, subscribe to it, fund the account, and seamlessly begin the investment process. What's most transformational about this update is that investors no longer need to set up an account or sign in to begin the fund management program. The Leader Board Widget can be embedded anywhere - on a landing page or a blog - to provide maximum coverage for fund managers - and can be leveraged - without going through a lengthy sign-up process or filling in an onboarding form.

  • Integration with HK Wallet:

    To support cryptocurrency deposits, we have also enabled integration with HK wallet. Until now, Managed Accounts only support FX products. This integration with crypto trading will allow users to create strategies on cryptocurrencies while also adding or editing on-boarding fields which are displayed in the client portal from the client manager. This can be done both for individual and corporate account types, and we take immense pride in this ability as we are one of the early providers for such kind of integration.

  • New languages added (Thai, Korean and Arabic):

    We have also added three languages - Thai, Korean and Arabic - for all three portals including Client portal, IB portal and Client manager portal. This will enable our clients located in South-East Asia and the Middle East to more easily log in to our portal and efficiently leverage the latest capabilities.

As the financial services market gets increasingly competitive and digital, it has become imperative for Fintech companies like us to improve and innovate on the experiences we provide to our clients. Our latest product updates have been made, keeping in view the latest trends in the FX & CFD Brokers market and the demands of our clients. Leverage them today!