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Since our establishment, we have focused on creating seamless digital experiences for financial institutions such as brokerage and forex trading houses. We have always been committed to reshaping the future of finance. Over the years, we developed a global team that has leveraged technologies and their combined experience and expertise to create future-proof solutions for our customers. We have been accelerating our customers' digital transformation adoption and trying to make a difference in the way they work.

However, through our journey, we realized that in a world of digitalization, the human touch is quickly disappearing.

That's why, although we offer digital transformation solutions, we wanted to ensure that the customer experience remains humanized and emotionally meaningful. We wanted to go a step ahead and enable all our solutions to add a touch of real-world empathy to every transaction. We came to firmly believe that this is the best way to ensure that our customers see us as more than next-generation technology providers. We wanted them to see us as a brand that brings possibilities to life by leveraging the power of the latest technology.

Thus, began our journey of rebranding our identity and ethos.

FYNXT's Brand Story FYNXT Arrow Icon

FYNXT, like us, stands for transformation. It is a forward-looking brand that empowers the fintech space with next-generation, experiential, digital solutions. We have consciously tried to communicate our reason for being through our visuals. For instance, a forward-facing arrow in our logo communicates our aim to grow and move towards a new direction. This is more than a rebranding. We see this as a fundamental alignment of our visual representations with what we are and what we want to be. We aim to create a modern, next-gen, bold look for Fynxt. We want to convey our confidence to our customers that they can expect modern solutions to the modern market demands and always be assured of bold, innovative, and forward-looking solutions in the future.

Brand Architecture FYNXT Arrow Icon

FYNXT has a monolithic brand architecture. This is because we see this as a singular system that delivers the same promise, visibility, and personality across all formats of communication, platforms, and solution areas. Fynxt offers different solutions to different finance companies, whatever their need. Those solutions enable fund managers, brokers, multi-asset trading companies, forex trading houses, and wealth managers to acquire, engage, and retain clients. Our singular form of brand architecture will provide a consistent branding experience to all the products. This will help create a strong master brand and reduce confusion about the various products offered by Fynxt. To establish a strong brand identity, all our products will start with the parent name followed by the product name. For example, Digital Front Office will now become Fynxt Digital Front Office. We believe this will help us organically scale more easily and create a consistent brand identity when adding more products in the future.

Logo Design And Its Rationale FYNXT Arrow Icon

FYNXT's logo uses the primary colour blue with different shades. This colour has long represented professionalism and experience. The secondary colours are complementary colours that add balance and modernity to the brand's logo. When it comes to logo design, we have consciously emphasized the alphabet 'X.' X is a multiplier. It denotes a transformative experience for our customers. We wanted our logo to indicate that our brand is dynamic and in motion forever. Hence, we added two colours to the letter X and kept a single colour for the rest of the alphabets. The use of two colours will help to draw attention to X. It also looks like a forward-looking arrow, which implies transformation.

Similarly, we have added parallel edges to the top stroke of the letter 'T.' It visually highlights the forward movement of the brand. FYNXT's overlapping visuals also have a strong rationale behind them. We wanted to show how we aim to work closely with our customers as strong technology partners to provide a human-driven, empathetic experience to their customers. It also denotes how our products such as Fynxt DFO are organically layered on each other. This represents the breaking down of silos and offering a single experience platform to our clients to make their digital transformation seamless and easy.

Our solutions and communication will be accessed through digital and print media. Hence, we have laid down guidelines to ensure that the logo is clearly visible across all platforms and maintain its readability.

Typography FYNXT Arrow Icon

We decided to use the Mont font to ensure easy readability in print, web, motion, and graphics. Mont is a geometric sans-serif font with balanced characteristics and details. It has a pointed 'T' and prominent x-height. It is versatile and can be used for strong headlines, logos, and long texts.

Conclusion FYNXT Arrow Icon

As our subtitle suggests – we want to empower our clients' digital future by building empathetic, human-centric digital solutions. Moving on from our already well-established brand is our way to respond to the changes in the fintech industry and prepare ourselves and our clients for a transformative, forward looking digital future. It's what's NXT in the world of financial services. You could say, it's FYNXT!