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A Global Leader in Introducing Broker Management. Empower your IB’s with a Robust tool to Automate, Analyze & Reward.

  • Rebranded IB portal.
  • Intuitive Dashboards & Reports.
  • Create customized N-Level fee structures to fit your most complex IB rebate requirements.
  • Built-In Rebate engine for automated Calculations and fee Settlements.
  • Integrated with Managed Accounts module.​
  • Integrated with MT4/MT5 and other trading platforms.
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IB Manager Dashboard

Product Features for IBs FYNXT Arrow Icon

Options FYNXT Arrow Icon

Easy access to existing MT4/MT5 accounts or compliant digital onboarding.

IB Portal Login
IB Manager Intuitive Dashboard
IB Manager Customer Dashboards
IB Manager Referral Link
IB Manager Marketing Banners
IB Manager Performance Reports
IB Portal Withdraw

Dashboards & Reports FYNXT Arrow Icon

Intelligent near real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs. Built-in analytics includes daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates accrued from direct clients or clients of sub-IBs.

your Clients FYNXT Arrow Icon

Enables IBs to view and stay updated with daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates accrued from direct clients or clients of sub-IBs.

Links FYNXT Arrow Icon

Based on User Groups

  • Create referral links based on MT4/MTS5 user groups, to automate the client account opening process and fees calculations, according to the mapped fee structure.

Widget FYNXT Arrow Icon

Marketing tool for IBs

  • Empower your IBs to consume your marketing promotions 100% digitally.
  • The platform enables IBs to download the promotion images, create dynamic code snippets and download QR codes to be added on their personal posts/pages.

& Statements FYNXT Arrow Icon

It Includes IB & sub IBs monthly performance reports, strategy and execution fee reports. For easy usability, IBs can also export transaction data in PDF and CSV format for reporting and reconciliation purposes.

Withdrawals FYNXT Arrow Icon

Enable fund withdrawal from the built-in Wallets or MT4/MT5 accounts.

Launch Your IB Portal
In Just 4 Steps FYNXT Arrow Icon

Add your Trading Server

Add your MT4/MT5 server credentials to get started.

Configure IB Manager

Create Fees structures to match your business requirement.

Rebrand your IB Platform

your brand details.

Manage Your

Seamlessly manage your IB's with our build in Client Manager module.

Product Features for Brokers FYNXT Arrow Icon

IB Portal FYNXT Arrow Icon

with easy login options

  • A rebranded IB Portal specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive client experience for your IBs.
  • You can continue your onboarding process with your legacy system and allow your IBs to log in into our platform using their trading accounts.
Rebranded IB Portal
IB Manager Intuitive Sales Dashboard
N Level Rebate Management
IB Rebate Reconciliation
Managed Accounts Fee Structure
Select your Trading Server MT4 or MT5
IB Manager Rewards
IB Manager Coupons

Dashboards & Reports FYNXT Arrow Icon

Intelligent real-time Dashboard to monitor your business KPIs. Built-in analytics includes client registrations, deposits/withdrawals, volume traded, commission/rebates generated and more.

N-Level Rebate
Management FYNXT Arrow Icon

with automated settlements

  • The platform allows you to digitally create the most complex N-Level fee/rebate structure for both trading and managed accounts. It supports all four units ($, %, pips, and points) to configure the rebates.

Reports FYNXT Arrow Icon

Built-In exclusively for Brokers

  • It provides a comprehensive view of all the settlement accounts and allows you to compare and resolve all the settlement issues.

Account FYNXT Arrow Icon

Integrated to promote Strategies

  • Your Fund managers can pair with IBs and promote their published strategies. Configurable fee structures to share fees/rebates between Fund Managers and their IBs.

Integrated with MT4/MT5 and
Other trading platforms FYNXT Arrow Icon

Our trading platform, web API allows a seamless and robust connection to your trading environment.

Reward Program FYNXT Arrow Icon

Performance-based incentives

  • This module enables you to set goals based on NTC, Volume and deposits and allows you to map the following types of rewards: gift vouchers, fee structures, and any other physical rewards.

Module FYNXT Arrow Icon

for IBs to reward their clients

  • Enable Coupons module for IBs to allow them to provide cashback rewards to their clients.
  • Our platform allows you to configure all the parameters to match your business requirements.

Why Us FYNXT Arrow Icon

Conventional IB Platform​


Manual onboarding and KYC verifications. Easy to get started with digital onboarding
No integration with Managed Accounts Systems. "Managed Accounts" IB program is specifically designed for Fund Management offerings. Seamless integration with our Managed Accounts.​
Trading accounts are used as rebate accounts, which limits settlement in one currency. Multi Currency Wallet to support currency wise rebate settlements.
Supports MT4/MT5 Platform.​ Supports multiple trading platforms.​
Manual calculations and settlements which requires lot of resources to support the program.​ Automated rebate calculations and settlements.​
Web Applications.​ Responsive web application: IBs can access information anytime, anywhere.​
Requires a development cycle to add languages which you support.​ Comes with in-built language editor to offer multilingual solutions.​
Typically, brokers must create multiple fee structure to meet IB's fees requirement. Brokers can manage multiple fees requirement with one fee structure by creating coupons.​

Secure, Scalable & Easy To Integrate FYNXT Arrow Icon

  • IB Portal
    Digital Onboarding or MT4/MT5 Login
    Integration Icon
    • Dashboard​
      Integration Icon
    • Client360 View
      Integration Icon
    • Sub IB & Tree View
      Integration Icon
    • Statements & Reports
      Integration Icon
    • Referral URL With Tracking ID
      Integration Icon
    • Withdrawal/Transfer to Trading Account
      Integration Icon
API Integration Icon API Based Architecture
(Managed Brokers)
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Client Manager
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IBs
  • Mark Ups
  • Fee Management
  • Integration With MT4/MT5 Trading System
    Integration Icon
  • Configure Settings For Allocations
    Integration Icon
  • Configure IB Portal:
    Add Your Branding
    Integration Icon
  • Automated Fee Calculations
    Integration Icon
  • Support, Now Simplified
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