Cherry pick from a wide range of customizable digital solutions engineered from the ground up to satisfy the most discerning of traders.

Production ready FYNXT modules connect directly to your existing trading platforms as well as other industry standard offerings instantly, seamlessly, painlessly. Integrated, closely coupled solutions immediately leverage your investment in your existing platform(s) to catapult your business to the next level.

A comprehensive solution for FX/CFD brokers to optimally manage their Clients, IB’s, Compliance, Sales & Operations. 

An elegantly rebranded portal, specifically designed to provide a unified and intuitive user experience for your clients, whether first timers or seasoned professionals.

A next generation Managed Accounts platform, engineered to attract quality fund managers and investors.

Empower your IB’s with an intuitive, N-level IB Management system.​

Utilize our platform to create a powerful alternative marketing channel for your brand, or those of you IB’s and Affiliate Partners, with minimal investment and IT overhead.

Your single interface to an inter-connected world of multi-asset markets globally; whether FX, CFD’s, Crypto’s, Equities, Futures, our platform connects instantly.

Packed with plug-n-play modules, for accelerating business value with a modern approach.

Purposefully designed for the always-on, mobile needs of the digital native.

A front-end stack that helps you to create pixel-perfect onboarding pages, across all desktop and mobile, from day one.

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FYNXT, previously known as Simple2Trade is a Singapore-based fintech that empowers FYNancial Services with the NXT-Gen Digital Front Office.

FYNXT is an established, highly regarded Singapore based fintech, immersed, very much at the leading edge of enterprise SaaS development.​

We strive to empower financial services organizations, to be nimble and faster in reinventing, specifically a particular segment then scale segment.​

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We partner with a vast set of leading ecosystem partners, to help push the boundaries of what technology can enable for your business.​

We partner with a vast set of leading ecosystem partners, to help push the boundaries of what technology can enable for your business.​

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Navigating the Rocky
Road of IB RelationshipsFYNXT Arrow Icon

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Did you know that Introducing Brokers (IBs) play a crucial role in the Forex trading industry? They can drive approximately 40% of the total retail Forex trading volume. In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey through the history, present, and future of IB relationships in Forex trading, uncovering valuable insights and sharing quirky tips along the way.

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for any sudden urge to get the FYNXT IB Manager to grow your brokerage business. Yeah, we’re talking about that fully composable platform that’s got every FX/CFD Broker talking. But hey, let’s be real here, it’s a pretty good problem to have!

Think Outside the Rebate Box: Incentivize Growth FYNXT Arrow Icon

Gone are the days of relying solely on rebates to motivate your IBs. To truly nurture successful relationships, it’s important to get creative with incentives. Consider offering performance-based bonuses, exclusive access to educational resources, or even unique experiences that will inspire your IBs to go the extra mile in growing their clientele.

When it comes to motivating IBs, think of incentives as seasoning for success. Spice things up and watch your network flourish like a well-seasoned dish!

Manual Rebate Calculations & Settlement: Automate for Efficiency FYNXT Arrow Icon

Bid farewell to the age-old practice of manual rebate calculations and settlement. By adopting automated systems, you can eliminate errors, reduce processing time, and increase accuracy in rebate management. This not only streamlines operations but also allows you to focus on nurturing stronger relationships with your IBs.

Let’s face it, manual calculations are like navigating a rocky road with no GPS. Automate the process and enjoy a smooth journey towards accurate rebate management!

Dilemma to Attract and Retain Clients: Empower Your IBs FYNXT Arrow Icon

Attracting and retaining clients can be a challenging task for IBs. To overcome this dilemma, it’s crucial to equip them with the right marketing tools and resources. Provide them with advertising materials, promotional offers, and educational content that will empower them to effectively communicate the value of your services. By doing so, you’ll create a win-win situation for both your IBs and clients.

Think of your IBs as artists, and marketing tools as their paintbrushes. Give them the right tools and watch them create masterpieces that attract and retain clients!

Limited Performance Visibility: Offer a 360-Degree View FYNXT Arrow Icon

Transparency is the key to building trust and nurturing fruitful IB relationships. To address the issue of limited performance visibility, provide your IBs with a comprehensive view of their transactions, deposits, volumes, and accrued rebates from both direct clients and clients of sub-IBs. This 360-degree view will empower your IBs to make informed decisions and optimize their performance.

Visibility is like wearing night vision goggles in the Forex jungle. Offer your IBs a clear view, and together you’ll conquer the trading wilderness!

Conclusion: FYNXT Arrow Icon

As we navigate the rocky road of IB relationships in Forex trading, it’s essential to think outside the rebate box, automate rebate calculations, empower your IBs with marketing tools, and offer complete visibility into their performance. By implementing these strategies, you can forge strong and mutually beneficial relationships that will drive the growth of your IB network and ultimately contribute to your success in the dynamic Forex industry.

Remember, in the world of IB relationships, smooth sailing is possible even on a rocky road. Strap on your boots, equip yourself with knowledge, and embrace the adventure of success!

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