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Built for you, designed from the beginning, keeping your clients in mind. Once logged in, your clients will have access to features and functions, unprecedented in scope. Increasing clients satisfaction, means enhancing client's lifetime and lifetime values. And that means, enhancing enterprise values.

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All necessary tools and services at your fingertips to get you online, with differentiated, sustainable competitive advantage with our Client Portal Solutions.

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Create FX Accounts

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Create F&O Accounts

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Open & Closed Positions

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FX Conversions

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Notification Center

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A consistent user experience across all OS's, devices and screen sizes is no longer optional, it's a given.

Benefits of Client Portal Software for Financial Institutions FYNXT Arrow Icon

KYC checks and biometric identity verification for an instant account openings.

Highly scalable complete digital onboarding for both retail and institutional clients.

Intelligent, real-time analytics dashboard to keep KPIs front and centre, on track.

Personalized, push-alerts and notifications.

Virtual wallet for clients to readily deposit, withdraw and transfer funds across multiple accounts.

Integrated social pages for trade leaders to promote their profiles.

API based integration with all major PSPs.

Unlimited language support.

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